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We are so excited that you wish to become a donor of Fish Camp 2018! Below are just a few of the ways your gifts can make a tremendous impact on the Class of 2022. Each option asks that you donate to one of our Fish Camp endowments. Each endowment is a permanent fund created by donations to the Texas A&M Foundation. By donating to one of our endowments, our Fightin’ Texas Aggie students will receive benefits from that endowment each year for decades to come! Whoop!

  • Freshmen in Need of Scholarships
    • Our Fish Camp Scholarship Endowment ensures freshmen with high financial need are able to attend camp for years to come. Your gifts to this endowment make a huge difference in the lives of these Aggies, as these funds send freshmen to camp who otherwise could not afford to attend.

To give to the Fish Camp Scholarship Endowment, please click this link:

  • Camp Operations
    • Making Fish Camp happen is a huge undertaking. Due to normal wear and tear, our large equipment and supplies must be replaced regularly. As we enter our 64th year in operation, your gifts here make a difference in the lives of all Aggies coming to camp by decreasing our overall facilities costs.

To give to the Fish Camp Operations Endowment (also known as the Fish Camp Endowment), please click this link:

  • Fish Camp Members in Need of Scholarships
    • Our Fish Camp Membership Endowment ensures our counselors and chairpersons can earn scholarships to pay their membership dues for years to come. Last year, we were forced to turn away 163 of 259 students who qualified for counselor scholarships. By donating here, your gifts encourage members to apply without worry of a financial burden, and allows for the best possible people to be selected to help transition the Class of 2022!

To give to the Fish Camp Membership Endowment, please click this link:

For more information about donating to a Fish Camp endowment, please contact our Director of External Relations, Spencer Krumholz, by emailing

Wish to become a Sponsor of Fish Camp 2018 or donate an in-kind gift? Please visit our “Become a Sponsor” and “Give an In-Kind Gift” pages located under our website’s Donor tab.