Namesakes: A-E

Last NameFirst NameDepartment/Impact on Texas A&MNamesake Year
Abbott Frank & Joanie Abbott Family Leadership Conference 08
Abelson Michael Management Professor 01
Acosta Amber Memorial Student Center, Advisor 10
Acuff Gary Food Services 98
Adair Dr. Carolyn   A&M's 1st Director of Student Activities  88
Adams R.J.O.   93
Adams Nancy   96
Adams Neal Former Student 10
Adkisson Perry    89
Aguilar Christina Multicultural Services 03
Aikens Shontarius Mays Business School 09
Albrecht Donnie Texas A&M Legend 86
Albrecht Carol   94
Albritton Ford Texas A&M Legend 86
Aldridge     89
Alexander Dr. Richard Assoc. Depart. Head of Mechanical Engineering 97
Allen Angela Math Professor 10
Allen Liz & JH Former Students '76 11
Allen Natalie Accounting Professor 06
Alpern     90
Allen Dave and Janet Dave - Class of 1970; Class Agent, Class of '70; Endowed Century Club Member, Association of Former Students; Member Corps of Cadets Association; Member of 12th Man Association. Janet - Member Executive Board Friends of Sterling C. Evans Library, currently Secretary; Member 12th Man Association; Endowed Century Club Member, Association of Former Students. 16
Altendorf Luke  MSC Director 92


Anderson Nathan


Andrews Kevin Brice


Andrus Liz Department of Entomology 98
Anthony Dr. Ted Assoc. BANA Professor 97
Appelt     90
Ardoin Sonja Department of Student Activities-Class Center Texas A&M Foundation 10
Arenas Gracie Student Life 07
Arizpe V. & N.   92
Arth Larua   96
Aschenbeck Stacy Communications Department 04
Ashley Frank

Vice Chancellor of Recruitment & Diversity through The Texas A&M University System

Ashby     89
Aston   Texas A&M Legend 86
Auckerman Cady

Coordinator of Ag and Natural Resources Internship Program

Aune James Department Head of Communications 11
Austin Amy Mathematics Department 00
Aurispa Ben Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics 12
Bailey Jane   92
Bailey Mary

Senior Training & Development Consultant with Employee & Organizational Development at Texas A&M University

Bailey Will Chemical Engineering 08
Baker Stefanie Assistant Director in the Offices of the Dean of Student Life 11
Baker Tonya Student Activities 06
Balog Mike Political Science 03
Baringer Mary   96
Barker Don   93
Barnes Lynn Director of Recruitment, Office of Admissions 16
Baron Allan Police Sergeant of University Police Department 11
Barone Tony   94
Barroso Dr. Luciana  Civil Engineering Department 09
Barton Joe U.S. Congressman 04
Barttelbort Chris 15
Barretto Paulo Associated Director at the Nuclear Power Institute (NPI), the Department of Nuclear Engineering, TAMU 16
Bass     91
Bassichis William Physics Professor 01
Baum   History Professor 99
Bean     90
Beard Ron Director of Food Services 00
Beasley Dr. Vanessa Speech Communications Department 99
Beathard Karen Nutrition 03
Becker Terri Business Manager of MSC OPAS 97
Been Judy Student Government Association Accountant 01
Bell Tyree Texas A&M Legend 83
Bellard  Emory Head Football Coach  87
Bendoraitis Sara Former Staff Member 07
Benjamin Dr. Jim Department Head of Accounting 05
Bergbreiter David  Chemistry Department 09
Bergeron Christine Dance Professor 05
Bermudez Jorge Chair of The Association of Former Students’ Board of Directors 11
Berry     91
Bertrand Dr. Clint Dept. of Engineering Technology and ID 98
Betty Major Jake   93
Bible D.X Texas A&M Legend 81
Bienski Victoria Adminstrative Assistant- Entomology 06
Bierck Carrie
Assistant Coordinator for the Office of New Student Programs
Bieri Leroy
2009 Texas A&M Outstanding Alumni Award
Bierman Risa Student Life 03
Bierman Steven Craig 15
Biggerstaff Dr. Michael   96
Billington Cindy Program Coord Center for Retailing Studies 00
Binzer Carol Student Life 04
Birch  Wade Director Student Counseling  91
Birkelbach Don 14
Bishop Brian Senior Director of Development, Texas A&M Foundation - Mays Business School 16
Black Anne MSC OPAS Advisor 98
Black     91
Blair Gary

Women's Basketball Head Coach

Blaschke Byron Research Engineer 99
Blasingame Tom Petroleum Engineering 04
Blasor Tara 14
Blocker     88
Blomstedt Steve and Shelly Former Students 10
Blue-McLendon Dr. Alice Veterinary 03
Blum Dr. Anne Office of Professional School Advising 06
Boenig Toby Director of Collegiate Liscensing 99
Boehm Rodney Director of Aggies Invent, Associate Professor of the Practice, and board member of Startup Aggieland 16
Boettcher Dr. Cindy College of Ed Advisor 05
Boggs Steven Stu. Dev. Specialist/Big Event Advisor 99
Boggus Charlene Undergrad Secretary Ag. Edu. 99
Boleman Chris 14
Boleman Dr. Larry Animal Science 03
Bollinger Kathryn Math Department 02
Bond   Texas A&M Legend 84
Bond Brooke Industrial Distribution 03
Boone  Robert "Bob" Texas A&M Legend - Singing Cadets 84
Boone Jim Professor, Math Dept. 95
Boren Laura Student Activities 02
Boulanger Dr. Bryan Civil Engineering Professor 10
Bowen Dr. Ray President of Texas A&M University 99
Boyd Dr. Kriss Director of the Dept. of General Academics 00
Boyle Jason Rec Sports 03
Boyle Jennifer MSC-SPO 03
Boyle Tara Student Activities 05
Breazeale William "Breezy" Outsider 03
Brekken Shea Kristin

Health & Kinesiology Department, teaching in the Physical Education & Activity Program

Brenckman Shelly 15
Bresciani Dr. Dean Vice President of Student Affairs 05
Brewer Maj. Jay Aggie Band  96
Briers Sandy Dept. of Student Activities-Operations 98
Briggs Michelle Recreational Sports 08
Briggs E. Ridley Distinguished Alumnist 2013 02
Bright     89
Britt     91
Brock     90
Brockett Earnest Texas A&M Legend 85
Brocksmith Owen & Connie  Former Students 09
Brookins Bari Student Learning Center 11
Brooks     87
Brooks Gail   94
Brooks Douglas English Department 00
Broussard A. & M.   94
Brown     88
Brown Chris   94
Brown Doug  Former Student 09
Brown Lesley-Ann  Department of Multicultural Services 09
Browning Mark S. 15
Brumbelow Dr. Kelly Dept. of Civil Engineering/Water Resources Prof 05
Bryant Bear Texas A&M Legend 83
Bryant Vaughn   92
Buenger Dr. Victoria Management Professor 99
Bull Abe Texas A&M Legend 81
Burgoon Stephanie Advisor - Honors Office 00
Burnett Shannon Teaching, Learning, and Culture 08
Burnside Major Glenn G. Assistant Commandant for Admissions Support 10
Burton Lisa Senior Career Coordinator- Mays Business School Texas A&M Career Center 16
Busch Dennis   94
Busch Paul Marketing Department 02
Bush George Former President of the United States 01
Bustos-Rios Bonnie 15
Butler O.D. Texas A&M Legend 85
Butler Argie Center for Human Resource Management 00
Butler James Associate Vice Chancellor for External Affairs 00
Butler  Pam  Department of Student Activities 09
Butler-Purry Karen Electrical Engineering 04
Byrd David College of Education and Human Development 07
Byrne Susan

Business Coordinator III in the Department of Student Activities

Calise Angela

Student Development Specialist II- Community Director

Caesar Helen

Graduate Program Coordinator with the, Master of Industrial Distribution in the Dwight Look College of Engineering

Caffey James Chairman of the first Fish Camp, 1954 89
Cahill Tony Civil Engineering Department 02
Callen Linda 15
Cannella Dr. Albert Assoc. Professor of Management 97
Capehart Poppy 14
Caperton  Kent   90
Capps Cathy Athletics 07
Capps Oral Agricultural Economics 04
Caraballo Tony   93
Carielli Heather Statistics Instructor 01
Caris Nina   96
Carmicheal Keith   93
Carpenter Dr. Stan Professor, College of Education 99
Carruth Andrew 14
Carrascosa Lydia Vet Med Biomedical Science Academic Advisor 11
Carreathers Kevin    90
Carroll Julie Hagan Statistics Department 00
Carson Chris Asst. Director for Ticket Operations for 12th Man Fdtn. 05
Carswell   Texas A&M Legend 83
Carter Don   93
Caruso Mike Texas A&M Athletic Department 08
Cash     89
Cashen Richard Center for New Ventures and Engrepreneurship (CNVE), Mays School of Business 10
Cashion  "Red"   89
Cassidy Nancy Professor of Accounting 99
Castleberry     89
Chandler  Tom Texas A&M Legend 85
Chapman Amy Nutritional Science Advisor 01
Cheng Mo Tan TAMU Library Staff Assistant 01
Cherry     88
Cirillo Cathy Professor of Kinesiology 97
Cisneros Henry Texas A&M Legend 85
Claborn Larry Professor, Veterinary Medicine 95
Claghorn   Texas A&M Legend 86
Clark Dr. Bedford Professor of English 10
Clark Norm Engr Tech & Indus Dist 04
Clayton   Texas A&M Legend 85
Cleaver Jay Advisor, Department of Resident Life 06
Coapland Zack Student Activities  94
Cochran Katie Office of Admissions 02
Coffey Tim and Sharon 14
Cohen-Gomez Lorinda 14
Coke Richard Texas A&M Legend 82
Coke     87
Coleman Finnie English Professor 01
Coolidge Dave and Ashley Dave and Ashley Coolidge Practice Field  13
Collins Kathy Residence Life 07
Colson     89
Conant Jeff   94
Conlee Don

Instructional Associate Professor in the College of Geosciences

Connolly     91
Conoley Jane Close College of Education Dean 01
Conway Diane Senior Academic Business Administrator 95
Conway Dr. Dwight Professor, Chemistry 95
Cook Valerie Assistant Director of the University Honors Program 05
Cook Vickie

Senior Administrative Coordinator in the Department of Choral Activities

Cooper Brenda Aggie Fan 06
Cooper Chris Aggieland Visitor Center Coordinator 06
Cooper Kerry   92
Cooper Karl MCS Post Office 04
Corcoran Christopher 15
Corcoran Amy and Kelly Kelly '95 is the Senior Vice President of Operations for the 12th Man Foundation and Amy '96 is the Public Relations Manager for the Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets Association. 16
Corrigan     90
Corrington Dennis Director of Rec Sports  96
Couch     90
Cox Frank Superintendant-Physical Plant Dept. 00
Cox Carolyn Alcohol and Drug Education 03
Cox Cheryl Memorial Student Center Student Pro 04
Cox Kelly  MSCC Student Programs Office 09
Crawford Tia Program Coordinator, Aggie Access 10
Crawford   Texas A&M Legend 84
Crawford     89
Crawford Max Meteorologist at KBTX Media in Bryan/College Station 16
Crichton     91
Cross Jimbo Chief Development Officer for LifeCare Hospitals 16
Crow John David Texas A&M Legend 84
Cummins Richard Agricultural Education 04
Cunningham Tammie Preston Coordinator of Leadership & Community Involvement in the Dept. of Greek Life 09
Currington   Texas A&M Legend 84
Curry Dr. Rick Modern and Classical Languages 03
Curtis Don Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts 13
Cutshall Sara Singing Cadets Supporter, gives two scholarships through the Foundation 13
Daily Dr. Austin Director of PPA 99
Dalton James and Monica 14
Daniels Janice   93
Danilovic Dr. Vesna Dept. of Political Science 00
Dannenbaum  Joe H. and Dr. Martha 14
Darling Col. Tom   Commandant 90
Davis  Bill Co-Class Agent Class '49 13
Davis Ed Interim President 07
Dawson Dr. Von Friend of Fish Camp 07
Dean-Mooney Laura Project Coordinator, Watch UR BAC alcohol awareness program, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Graduate, Class of '82, President-Elect, Brazos County Aggie Moms
De La Pena Phillip 15
DeBlassie Dr.   92
Deer Shannon Lecturer and Assistant Department Head, Accounting Department 13
DeLucia Olive Former Students Association  92
Dennis Susan Professor, Spanish 95
Denny Otway Class of 1971 08
Dethloff Henry  A&M Historian  87
Dettwyler Dr. Katherine Anthropology Dept. 00
Dewald Duane Professor, Marketing 98
DeWare   Texas A&M Legend 83
Dexter   Texas A&M Legend 83
Diaz Michelle Chandler 14
Dickson Dr. Bruce Anthropology Dept. 00
Dillingham Diann Department of English 02
Dinwiddle   Texas A&M Legend 84
DiSanto Kathy Vice President of Student Affairs Office 07
Ditton Penny Advisor, MSC Student Programs Office 95
Dobiyanski Vicki  Student Development Specialist II in the Student Government Association 09
Dollar Fred  Food Services Director  90
Dolliver Karen MSC Student Programs Office Secretary 99
Donaldson Ashley Facilities Coordinator, Department of Recreational Sports 13
Donnell Dr. Cydney Finance 07
Dorsey Evelyn 15
Dorsey Dr. Leroy Associate Professor, Communication Department 10
Doty Kate Association of Former Students, Campus Programs Office 10
Downs Pinky Texas A&M Legend 81
Downs     87
Dox Donnalee Theatre Arts 03
Drewyor Carolyn 14
Droleskey Suzanne International Student Services  93
Drost Marcia Mathematics 11
Drysdale Peter Director of business Undergrad. Programs 97
Dugan   Texas A&M Legend 85
Dugosh Cliff Assistant Director - MSC 00
Duke Christopher

Founder of MSC Aggie Nights

Duke Red Texas A&M Legend 85
Duller Nelson   96
Dummer Susan Communications 06
Duncan   Texas A&M Legend 81
Duncan     88
Dunn   Texas A&M Legend 83
Dunn Stephen Advisor, MSC Student Programs Office 95
Dunsford Dr. Debra Ag Journalism 06
Duray Sharon

Senior Academic Advisor in the Department of Horticulture

Durham Sharra Student Act. 03
Dye Dr. Tim Clinical Associate Professor, Finance 06
Dykes Emily 14
Earl   Texas A&M Legend 84
Easterly Terry Student Activities 06
Easterwood   Texas A&M Legend 82
Ebanks Michael One of the 12 students who passed away in Bonfire
Edwards Michael Recreation, Park & Tourism Sciences 11
Edwards Sarah Leadership and Service Center 08
Egan Dr. Toby Educational Human Resource Development 06
Eidson Karla Education Department 02
Elledge Jerry   96
Ellison Chuck & Tedi Former Student 07
Ellison Josh

Assistant Director of External Relations Division of Marketing & Communications

Elmore O.E.   96
Endsley Travis & Kirsten (KJ) Endsley Travis- Former Student- Class of 2002, Lead Pastor at Declaration Church, Kirsten- Former Student- Class of 2000, COO of the Endsley Household 
Engelage Don   93
England Pat SOFC- Senior Staff Accountant 01
Engle Lea Assistant Professor, Learning and Outreach Librarian, Women's and Gender Studies Librarian 13
Epps-Martin Dr. Amy Civil Engineering 08
Epting SGM. Tom   96
Evans Jo Athletics (Softball) 10
Evans S.C. Texas A&M Legend 82
Everts Elisa Linguistics 07