About Fish Camp


Fish Camp welcomes the Freshman class to Texas A&M each year with the purpose of giving them an opportunity to have fun, make friends, and learn more about life at Texas A&M. We hope that through Fish Camp, you will begin finding your place in the Aggie Family before classes even begin!

Fish Camp is a 4-day orientation program that takes place at Lakeview Methodist Conference Center in Palestine, Texas. Students ride buses from the Texas A&M campus to Lakeview, where they stay in air-conditioned, furnished cabins.

Fish Camp is led by Texas A&M students who are passionate about making the first year of college a success for the freshmen! Every counselor has valuable personal experience, so they can offer advice about classes, fun things to do in College Station, and anything else you need as you begin your journey as an Aggie!



What do you do at Fish Camp?

Freshmen are split into large "camp" groups of approximately 120 students and 24 upperclassmen counselors. Your camp will share a special bond as you spend time getting to know one another, attending programs that highlight the opportunities and services available on campus and participating in Aggie Traditions such as Yell Practice, Aggie Muster, and Silver Taps.

Each camp is divided into Discussion Groups of 10-15 freshmen and 2 counselors. These Discussion Groups, or DGs, are a place where many Aggies meet some of their best college friends. In addition to meeting friends, DG time will also provide you with opportunities to ask any questions you may have about life at Texas A&M.

Each night, you can go to a themed mixer if you like to dance, or to the Aquarium, where you can play video and board games, watch movies, play pool, and socialize with upperclassmen and other freshmen. Both options are a great opportunity to get to know your new Aggie friends! 



Why should I go to Fish Camp?


"The counselors did an awesome job teaching us about college life and the campus and its resources. I made a lot of friends and got really close to my DG, which is awesome!"


-Aggie, Class of ’17


"I really learned a lot of traditions that I didn't even know existed, I met lots of people and I got the family-type vibe that TAMU has!"


-Aggie, Class of ’17


"I went into Fish Camp unsure about A&M, and left in LOVE with the school."


-Aggie, Class of ’17


"I am so excited to go to school and to take part in the Aggie traditions."


-Aggie, Class of ’17


"I was getting nervous as the move in date got closer, but after Fish Camp I feel comfortable and confident with the idea of moving to campus in just a few days."


-Aggie, Class of ’17


"I found a home in aggieland as an out of state student. I feel like I can grow here, and like I have a support group here "


-Aggie, Class of ’17





How do I sign up?

Registration will open in the May 26th, 2015. For additional information or questions, please call the Fish Camp office at (979) 845-1627 or email us at fishcamphelp@fishcamp.tamu.edu.




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