Staff 2014

2014 Fish Camp Chairpersons

Each camp at Fish Camp has a Chairperson partnership that works closely with Director Staff to train the 24 counselors in their specific camp.  Chairpersons train, manage and facilitate their camp in all activities throughout the spring semester, summer leading up to Lakeview, and the fall semester that follows.  Each Chairperson has been a Fish Camp counselor and has shown a great passion for helping aid in the freshmen's transition into Texas A&M University and college life. Chairpersons also work with the namesakes that their camps are named after and help them become an active part of the camp and prepared for their time at Lakeview. At Camp these individuals work behind the scenes and make sure that all activities at camp run smoothly in each camp room. Fish Camp 2014 is comprised of 96 chairpersons, each selected from a rigorous application process.  Out of 150 applicants these 96 people were selected by Director Staff to be leaders of Fish Camp 2014.



2014 Fish Camp Director Staff

Directors are current students who have previously been chairpersons of a camp.  These individuals work closely with advisors on the logistics of Fish Camp to make sure that each component of Fish camp is achieved effectively and efficiently.  The nine Directors of Fish Camp 2014 have a great passion for the organization and want to continue helping Fish Camp grow as an organization.  Directors are key players in the decisions that are made within this organization.  These individuals manage the largest student-run orientation program in the nation and give a year of their college experience to welcome the incoming class.


Director Staff 2014

Alex Kalin  Head Director
Ike Ntube  Director of External Relations 
Georgia Grey Director of Membership
Susie Lopez Director of Internal Relations 
Grant Sprott Director of Administration 
Sara Kangas Director of Operations 
Calvin Mackey  Director of Staff Development 
Funlola Fagbohun    Director of Staff Development