Fish Camp Glossary

Advising Staff:  The Advising Staff consists of full-time Student Affairs professionals assigned the responsibilities of advising through a joint decision of the executive membership and the Director of Student Activities.  Fish Camp 2016’s Advisor staff consists of Donna Lee Sullins and Ann Goodman.


Assistant Director:  Assistant Directors are the support, energy, and strength of the staff. They work closely with the staff and maintain a variety of different job responsibilities that will be necessary in making Fish Camp a success. The Assistant Directors play a vital role in setting the tone for fish camp.  Their titles are Director of: Operations, Administration, External Relations, Internal Relations, Membership, Finance, Staff Development, and Administration.


Camp:  A camp consists of counselors headed by two chairpersons. Each camp has an average of 150 freshmen and is associated with a name, theme and color. The name represents someone who has had an impact on the University. The counselors choose the theme and the camp room is decorated in this theme each year. There are seven colors, one of which is assigned to each camp. These colors are red, blue, yellow, green, aqua, lime, and purple.


Camp Time:  Camp Time is a block in the Fish Camp schedule when each camp spends time in their own camp room.  This time may be spent as a whole group consisting of skits that demonstrate various interpretations of Aggie Life, or in DG time.


Chairperson:  The chairperson works closely with the directors and other staff members to ensure the success of Fish Camp. They are responsible for selecting, training, and supporting counselors in their camp.


Color:  The designated color that each camp is given and another way to distinguish between camps.  The colors are: red, yellow, green, blue, aqua, lime, & purple.  These are also the colors generally associated with Fish Camp designs and logos.


Copeland:  Copeland is the large gymnasium sized meeting structure at the center of Lakeview.  This is where the camps gather for All-Camp programs and Mixers.  Inside it also includes all of the banners that each camp designs to represent their camp the entire month of Fish Camp.


Counselor:  The counselor focuses on bonding with their fellow counselors and chairpersons throughout the spring and summer semester. They are responsible for approximately 10-15 freshmen in which they provide mentoring, a network of support, and guidance to expectations during their years at Aggieland.


Crew:  Crew members are responsible for supporting the unconditionally accepting environment by selflessly serving freshmen, directors, chairpersons, and guests through the operation of Headquarters, the Aquarium (a place for freshmen to hang out during mixers and free time), and other programming. Crew helps with any details not met by the directors or chairpersons.  Crew consists of 3 chairpersons and 30 counselors.


Discussion Group (DG):  A discussion group (or DG) consists of two counselors and around 10-15 freshmen. At camp, these groups bond through games and icebreakers. It is these small groups that continue the growing experience throughout the freshmen year and beyond.


DG Time:  DG time or Discussion Group time is when the individual camps break up into small Discussion Groups in which counselors interact on a more personal level with freshmen facilitating interactive games and ‘get-to-know-you’ activities designed to put the freshmen at ease and encourage relationship building.


Fish Camp:  Fish camp is a four day extended orientation program designed to both offer a smooth transition for incoming freshmen and build a support system for their college experience at Texas A&M. We focus on teaching traditions, building the Aggie family and spirit, and forming bonds through an unconditionally accepting environment. Fish Camp serves over 6,000 freshmen each year.


Fish Packet:  A Packet of information including yells, maps, menus, and other camp specific information is created for each of the 47 Fish Camps.  These packets are distributed during check-in for camp either at Send-off or at Crew Headquarters at Lakeview.


Head Director:  The Head Director is responsible for setting the Fish Camp calendar, coordinating the selection of Assistant Directors, coordinating all Fish Camp events, and ensuring the accomplishment of the Assistant Directors’ duties and responsibilities. The Head Director sets and oversees all Director and Staff meetings and is a source of advisement and encouragement of the Assistant Directors and the staff.


Namesake:  A Namesake is a person nominated by individuals who feel the nominee has made an impact on the University. Namesakes interact with their camp during the spring and summer and visit camp for a period of time in late August.  They also have the opportunity to give a namesake speech to all of the freshmen in their camp.


Session:  Fish camp has seven sessions. Within each session, there are six or seven camps, each led by two chairpersons. Assistant Directors oversee the chairs and counselors within each session, also known as “Session Directors”.


Staff:  The staff consists of the director, the assistant directors, the advising staff, and the co-chairpersons.


Support Staff:  Support Staff members are staff members who work at Texas A&M who have been assigned to serve as support to the Advisors, Directors, Co-Chairs, Counselors, and Freshmen.